Setayesh logistics' services

Warehousing and storage space management is one of the most important logistics activities. Setayesh Logistics, with long experience in the field of logistics services, warehousing and transportation has the necessary capabilities and expertise to provide services in the following areas:
پیمانکاری پروژه‌های انبارداری

Warehousing project contracting

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اجاره انبار عمومی

Public Warhousing

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انبارداری اسناد و مداک-ستایش لجستیک

Document Warehousing

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انبار عبوری

Cross docking

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تحویل به مشتری برای فروش اینترنتی

Ecommerce fulfillment

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خدمات ارزش افزوده

Value Added Services

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In short, these services include the following:

  • Indoor warehousing of goods
  • Outdoor warehousing of goods
  • Dedicated warehouses and private storage container
  • Unloading, loading, handling, warehousing and storage of commercial goods with great care and attention
  • Keeping cargo entry and exit statistics and customer reports
  • Cross-docking services
  • Document storage
  • Parking of all kinds of vehicles
  • Home appliance storage
  • Providing accurate monthly bill with full details (sample monthly bill)

Ancillary services available:

  • Urban transportation (motor, van, trucks) to distribute goods at a reasonable rate through Fars courier
  • Intercity land transportation of retail goods at a reasonable rate through Fars Transportation Institute
  • Inspection and quality control of items
  • Categorizing and separating items
  • Packaging of goods
  • Reopening packs and pallets
  • Commodity insurance

If you need to rent a warehouse in Tehran, Shurabad, and Kahrizak or you need any other warehousing services, just contact us or fill out the form below so that our experts can contact you as soon as possible.

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