Cost of warehousing and maintenance services

The cost of warehousing services is divided into 4 parts
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    1. Unloading and receiving of goods

    Average volume or weight of cargo per input.
    Number of items (variety of sku models) of goods per input.
    Is it a pallet load or carton / sack / etc?
    Number of times the cargo enters the warehouse during the month.
    Type and size of incoming vehicle (20 or 40 foot container, transit, pair, single, etc.).

    2. Warehousing and maintenance of goods

    Maximum, minimum and average area required during the period
    Total number of items (variety of sku models)
    Total number of pallets or cartons stored during the period
    Number of cartons in each pallet
    Dimensions and weight of each carton or pallet
    The average value of each carton
    Allowed number for stacking cartons or pallets on top of each other
    Should the product be kept within a certain range of slippers?
    Is the type of cargo dangerous, toxic, flammable or breakable?
    Should the serial number, production date or expiration date be recorded?
    Is the volume of supply and demand of goods variable and seasonal?
    Does the type of material smell or is it sensitive to the smell of other goods?

    3. Preparing the cargo for loading and dispatching

    Average load volume per dispatching
    Average number of cartons per item
    Average total number of dispatches during the period
    Number and weight of pallets or cartons dispatched during the period
    Value of goods dispatched during the period
    Is there a need for labeling, packaging, pallets, shrinkage, etc.?
    Is the serial number, production date and expiration important in dispatching the goods and should it be registered?
    What receipt and in how many copies should it be taken from the recipient?
    How to dispatch retail goods, city pickups or freight?

    4. Other services such as packaging, labeling, separation, etc.

    Is there a need to share the inventory control system of the warehouse with another company? (EDI)
    Number of warehouses required during the period
    The need for reverse logistics
    The Need to control the quality of goods sent and received
    Repackaging of goods or labeling

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