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The services provided include warehousing, inventory control, unloading, loading, intra-city transportation, inter-city transportation (LTL and FTL), and other value-added services including returns management, packaging, picking and sorting, etc. . Frequently Asked Questions


Warehousing and management of storage space is very important as one of the important logistics activities. Setayesh Logistics, with long experience in the field of logistics services, warehousing and transportation, has the ability and expertise to provide services in the following fields:

Public warehouse provides short-term or long-term storage services for customers with lower square footage. Public warehouse costs are a combination of storage costs and unloading and loading.

Warehouse contracting is provided to customers who need customized services based on their processes. Usually, carrying out warehousing contracting projects requires a dedicated warehouse property…

It is a distribution and warehousing strategy that is used by most of the big companies in the world. Crossdocking warehouse reduces the cost of storage and maintaining goods. In such a way that the goods are collected from different suppliers and..
Shipping service means delivering goods or any type of service from the warehouse to the customer. It means that the products are received from the production site and the logistics system delivers them to the customer.

This service allows e-commerce merchants to outsource their warehouse and shipping operations. This frees your e-commerce business from warehousing and delivering operations so you can focus your energy on marketing and sales.

Value-added services is a term that refers to services that are not part of the main logistics operations. For example, it includes packing services or labeling cartons…

نمونه کالاهایی که نگهداری می‌شوند

انبارداری وسایل منزل
اجاره انبار لوازم خانگی برای نگهداری موقت اسباب و اثاثیه منزل یکی از نیازهایی است که گاهی افراد به دنبال آن هستند. به طور مثال فردی که در حال بازسازی منزل مسکونی خود است یا کسی که قصد سفر دارد، یا حتی اگر برخی لوازم منزل اضافه بوده و کاربردی ندارد برای نگهداری میتوان آن را در انبار لوازم خانگی نگهداری کرد. اجاره انبار لوازم خانگی نیازمند شرایط و ویژگی هایی است که در این مطلب به آن اشاره می شود.
اطلاعات بیشتر
انبارداری لاستیک
برای انبارداری درحجم بالا ابتدا باید نوع چینش آن را تهیه کرد و سپس برای نگهداری آن باید درنظر داشت
اطلاعات بیشتر
انبار کالاهای الکترونیکی
کالاهای الکترونیکی شامل کالاهای الکترونیکی مصرفی و خانگی می باشد.
کلیک کنید

Learn About Setayesh Logistics!

Setayesh Logistics, is born from over 70 years of experience in the field of logistics and transportation. Its warehouse is based in Kahrizak region with a valid business permit. The permit code 0467320233 was extended for 5 years by the Warehousing Association in January 2019.

A few warehouses in Iran are able to send official invoices
Set-Log is also able to issue official invoices to companies.
انبارداری لاستیک
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Dedicated warehouse

Dedicated warehouses are provided for customers who need customized services based on their work process. Usually, carrying out warehousing contracting projects requires a dedicated warehouse property. These types of warehouses usually require the customer to commit to the service for a certain period of time. The duration is variable, often several years.

Yard storage

In this type of storage, it is possible to rent a space in a public warehouse at a much lower rate. All goods are protected by security cameras and guards. Items such as metals, machinery and construction materials are suitable for this type of storage.

Covered storage

A shed warehouse is a special type of warehouse where goods are stored in separate warehouses inside a shed. In this way, a large shed is divided into smaller storage areas and provides greater protection of goods against changes in environmental conditions such as wind and rain, and the security of warehouses.

Container storage

Container storage allow syou to store your things in these large metal boxes. Each container is rented by a person or company, and by locking the container door with a personal lock, the person actually owns it and can add or remove the contents of the boxes.

Frequently asked questions

Setayesh Logistics has the experience of providing services for various commercial goods. These goods include computers, servers, printers and their parts, different types of engine oil, vehicle tires, tires for light and heavy vehicles, auto parts, umbrellas, household appliances, including refrigerators, televisions, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and dishwashers. Air conditioners: split air conditioners and chillers and fan coils, cement panels, non-flammable chemicals, sports equipment and devices, layette and crystals and fragile goods, stone and ceramic and prefabricated plaster, laminate, medical equipment, music instruments, kitchenware, toys, etc.

Visit the warehouse during working hours and after coordinating with the security and administrative department, you can access the goods storage place with at least one staff member. It is recommended to contact the administrative department before visiting and make the necessary arrangements to reduce the waiting time for the visit.

Yes, in order to fully understand the rights and responsibilities of the parties, it is necessary to draw up and sign the contract. In the process of setting up the contract, the detailed information of the parties to the contract, the rates of different services, the type of space required, cargo arranegment, the method of inventory control and cargo clearance, the responsibility for registration in the comprehensive warehouse system of the Ministry of Industry, etc. are agreed and written and approved by the parties. It is worth noting that by signing the contract according to the Warehousing Association, the responsibility insuring stored goods against unforeseen events such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc. is the responsibility of the owner of the product, and the warehouse is not responsible for this issue.

According to the Warehousing Association, the responsibility of product insurance against unexpected events such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc. is the responsibility of the owner of the product, and the warehouse is not responsible for this issue.

Various insurance companies issue insurance policies against unexpected events (including fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) for the owners of goods in public warehouses. Among these companies, most of the goods owners get this insurance from Iran Insurance, Asia Insurance or Alborz Insurance.

The owner of the goods should pay attention to update the amount and value of his insurance in writing with the insurance company according to the stock level of his cargo in the warehouse and inflation. Setayesh Logistics Group has a file with all major insurance companies and its risk factor is low due to its fire extinguishing and security facilities. Therefore, the customer will benefit from a suitable insurance rate. If you need more guidance, please contact Setayesh Logistics office.

The first step is for the customer to sign a contract. Then, if the cargo is cleared from the customs, the necessary coordination must be made with the administrative department for the cargo to leave the customs and register the warehouse of Setayesh Logistics as the destination. Before the cargo arrives at the warehouse, the details of the cargo or the packing list must be sent to the warehouse so that all goods can be defined according to the list in the inventory control system and unloaded and arranged in the warehouse. After the cargo count is completed, the cargo receipt is issued by the inventory control team and sent to the customer.

Guarantee of property ownership and non-transfer of cargo
Sending an official invoice for storage costs
Customs clearance and cargo transfer to warehouse
Carrying out all freight and transfer services

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عوارض گمرکی
Customs duties are the amount that must be paid as a tax when a shipment is cleared from customs. In the international transportation of goods, when a shipment wants to cross the border of a country, it first enters the customs, and after going through the legal procedures, an amount is collected from the owner of the goods or the trading company in question to allow the shipment to be cleared. This amount, which can vary depending on the type of goods, country of origin and other factors, is the same as customs duties.
تشریفات گمرکی
Since you are reading this article, it means that you are no stranger to the term customs formalities. This article tries to describe and explain the steps and implementation of customs procedures in a detailed and clear language. If you have just entered the world of business, this is a great opportunity to develop your knowledge level. As you know, to clear imported goods and export goods from the borders of the country, it is necessary to know the rules of customs affairs. A successful businessman is a person who is familiar with customs regulations. The method of preparing the customs declaration and submitting it to the customs department is another secret of this profession that every businessman should be aware of.
اظهارنامه گمرکی چیست
In this article, we are going to introduce and fully review the customs declaration. Stay with us in the rest of this article to learn how to prepare a customs declaration, the information contained in the declaration, how to clear goods from customs, customs tariffs, and the necessary documents and permits to attach to the customs declaration.
تکنیک‌های مدیریت موجودی انبار برای افزایش بهره وری
Optimization of warehouse stock is the concern of every warehouse. Businesses want to achieve the perfect balance between understocking and overselling in order to maximize their profits without negatively impacting customer satisfaction.
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Commercial goods
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Value added services
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Saturday to Wednesday: 8 am to 5 pm
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No. 116, Old Qom Road, Kahrizak, Tehran
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